A taste of southwest Tasmania.


  • 1.5km, 30 minutes
  • Saunter down the road to the start of the Orange Peel track. This track starts off through the peppermint woodlands overlooking Lousy Bay to the east, with views to the salmon fish farms. These woodlands and the heathfields are rich in small herbs such as spider orchids and insectivorous sundews.
  • The track descends down into heathfields, moorlands and wetlands, quickly crossing a small creekline filled with tea tree. These are natural soaks, fed by the slimmest of catchments and still quite undisturbed – a rare thing these days.
  • Wallabies, pademelons, bettongs, potoroos and possums use the area as evidenced by the multitude of small ‘pads’ or tracks they have made. Frogs and birds sing their songs to the honeymyrtle that occupies the lower swamps. The classic Tasmanian bog plant – button grass – spreads over the wetter areas.
Tiny Plants

This area has been chosen for the variety of tiny ground plants. Careful looking will reveal the following: Coral and other lichen, coral fungi, insectivorous sundews, sphagnum moss, spikemoss and other mosses, and depending on the season up to a dozen orchids: greenhoods, sun orchids, spider orchids, flying duck orchids, gnat orchids.


The classic conical peak across the bay is Adamsons Peak – the Cow and Calf – and if the weather plays right, it can be draped in snow. In the bay below mussel buoys dot the water, supporting long lines inpregnated with mussel spore.

This little valley is now a rarity: an extensive wetland with both its hydrology and plants still in tact.

The Peninsula Experience Booklet

This booklet seeks to provide to our guests an overview of this unique property. Hopefully, due to the work of the contributors, it enriches the experience of your stay by introducing the history and the flora and fauna of this land and its timelessness. The ethos of The Peninsula is to provide a sanctuary for animals whilst allowing you to enjoy their habitat in quiet luxury with a minimal footprint. With this in mind, we recommend you begin your journey at the gate and enjoy the experience… slowly.

There are a variety of walks on the property, each featuring numbered marker posts that refer to stories contained in this booklet. The first section of the booklet gives you insights into the natural and cultural history of Blubber Head. The booklet is complimentary for all guests at The Peninsula Experience.

All walks are designed to Australian Standards Class 4: graded to be quite easy walking and following distinct tracks, but users will require basic walking gear such as stout shoes, map reading skills and should always exercise common sense. Track conditions vary and obstacles and trip hazards may be encountered along the way. Users take responsibility for their own safety whilst walking.