My friend was having a spa on the deck of Cape House. It was a glorious spring evening . Our
menfolk were off somewhere and my friend’s wardrobe consisted simply of a broad brimmed white hat. Armed as she was with a glass of Chardonnay by her side she was indulging in mild aerobics, hopping up and down on alternate legs with the spa bubbling furiously.
Soaring and gliding in a sky marked only by a few cirrus clouds high over the channel came a wedge tail eagle which flew over the forest and the barn . We found out later it was a fledgling, identifiable by reason of its lighter colouring . Still too early by some hours for the pademelon parliament to gather in the paddocks , its target would have been a foraging rabbit.
My friend’s bobbing white hat gained its attention and it hovered over the spa for some seconds, although it seemed like minutes, before heading West in its majestic flight . Perhaps he thought it was a large hare in a cooking pot!