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Wild Cherry

WILD CHERRY. Wild Cherry is the latest walk in the peninsula Experience. It joins Orange Peel and Eleanor’s Walk and follows the Eastern side of the peninsula overlooking pebble beach and the channel.The views take in magnificent steep treed slopes leading down to the waters…
September 27, 2020
Things to do


We do a lot of sky watching at The Peninsula. First there is the weather. There is snow on Adamson's Peak and surrounding mountains to the west across Esperance Bay for some eight months of the year. Then there are the wind and storms that occasionally…
October 17, 2017
Things to do

A Maze of Walking Tracks

Several walking tracks have been created to enhance your nature experience at The Peninsula. These are 'work in progress' and some of the tracks are still under construction. Please exercise caution on all tracks and ensure that sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing is worn at…
June 17, 2017